Hi and thanks for visiting my website. I sincerely hope that you find the relief you are looking for in these pages and with my capable hands.
I have a passion for helping people get pain relief. It doesn’t matter if it is a recent, chronic, or long-standing situation. Nor does it matter if it is from a slip or fall, a car accident or surgery, arthritis, bursitis or just plain ole aches and pains.
My techniques range from gentle to deep pressure, but never cause you any pain. After all, that’s what you came in to get rid of, right? In most cases, my clients fall asleep in a few minutes because they are so relaxed.
My intent with each session is to relieve pain and increase your range of motion so you can do things normally again. My specialty is the neck/shoulder/head area, but everything is connected, right? Here is what you can expect:

  • Pick up the grandchildren without hurting your back
  • Play golf or tennis without elbow, knee and back pain
  • Do your knitting, crocheting, cooking or handiwork with no finger or hand discomfort
  • Turn your neck while driving without turning your whole body
  • Go through your day, week or month without a migraine headache

And, by the way, my massage room is always warm and I have a really soft massage table. So please don't suffer any more. Let me help you. Call today to get immediate relief.


Call 239-272-8539

5051 Castello Drive #226

Naples, FL 34103


MA# 30708 • MM# 31113

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